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1, January 15th, Guo Zhiping, deputy party secretary of the Party committee, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Wu Yongting, the chairman of the trade union, visited the retired veteran cadres, the old leaders and the difficult workers.

2, January 17th, the company held a rectifying corruption meeting, general manager Wu Yuntian, deputy party secretary Guo Zhiping, deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee Wu Yongting made an important speech.

3, January 21st, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yingkou municipal Party committee and Glov, the mayor of the Communist Party of China, visited the company to produce front-line employees.

4,March 17th, the company held a symposium on employee's ideological and moral construction. Professor Tong Mingshun, the Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Yingkou Municipal Committee and head of lecturer regiment, were invited to make a special report.

5, March 20th ----4 month 30, the company carried out special management activities against illegal behavior.

6, March 23rd, the old border area fire knowledge competition, the company sent the team to win the crown.

7,April 6th, the company held the first quarter work analysis meeting, summed up the experience and lessons in the work, and studied the following key work.

8,April 23rd, the company held a ceremonial ceremony for the 10th anniversary love poverty alleviation of China's five mines.

9, May 4th, the company held a meeting of leaders and leaders of various units, summarized and analyzed the previous situation, and studied the follow-up work.

10,May 31st, the heat load test of 4# caster was successful in one time.

11, to commemorate the completion and production of 40th anniversary enterprises, the company has carried out a series of commemorative activities. The convening of the forum, published "40 years" and "today's business history album steel Commemorative Edition".

12, June 30th, the company held chuangxianzhengyou activity summary commendation cum new members pledging conference. 7 grassroots party branches have been awarded the title of "advanced Party branch", 9 comrades have been awarded the title of "Excellent Communist", and 10 comrades have been awarded the title of "excellent staff".

3,June, the company was exported to Belgium for the first time.

14, June 28th, Yingkou Municipal Committee of enterprise system chuangxianzhengyou field experience exchange will be held in the company.

15, August 3rd -4, 10 typhoon "Dawei" landing in southern Liaoning Province, enterprises have experienced a flood operation since the largest company to reduce the loss of flood relief, the lowest level.

16, August 17th, the company held a three quarter key target meeting to promote the breakthrough of key indicators in the three quarter in the second half of the year.

17,September 15th, the company's supply and marketing system convened an anti-corruption and clean government conference, and all the personnel of the system participated in the conference.

18, October 9th, deputy party secretary Guo Zhiping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and steel union chairman Feng Lijing more than 30 people came to visit the new era of Anshan, Lei Feng Guo Mingyi.

19,October 18th, the company held a meeting of managers and managers, and Jia Demao, the Deputy Secretary General of the Liaoning Provincial Committee, made an important speech on the promotion of the company's reform.

20, November 23rd, the Party committee issued the notice on conscientiously studying the eighteen spirits of the party, and made specific arrangements for how to learn and carry out the eighteen spirits. The party organizations at all levels learn the 18 spirit through various forms, so as to promote the new steps of the work of the company.

21, November 23rd, which lasted 10 days, all full-time collective political study ended, so focus on learning in the company is the first time in history.

22,2012, according to the unified requirements of the union, the labor competition with the aim of reducing the cost and increasing efficiency was launched in various production units and achieved good results.

23,December 29, 2012, the company held a conference on production safety for the year 2012, summed up the work of safety production in 2012, and deployed the goal of safety production in 2013. Deputy general manager Zhang Lin, Zhang Yangzhen, deputy general manager of safety work and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Guo Zhiping, made an important speech. The deputy general manager of Zhang Yangzhen signed the responsibility for safety production with the branches.

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