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Wide-Heavy Plate Line
In order to enter the ranks of the world's advanced steel joint enterprises at an early date and strive hard.

The Two-Stand, Four-High Rougher and Finishing mills are equipped with the most powerful milling force in the world. The wide-heavy steel plate line, designed and supported by SMS Demag, Germany, adopts the most updated automatic milling technology of the time, is regarded as the most advanced automatic system of the world for milling wide-heavy steel plates.

The Line is a good combination of top-class Technological Milling Controlling Process, Automatic Width Controlling, Short Stroke Controlling, Multi-functional Thickness Controlling, Plane Shape Gauge Controlling, CVC plus, Longitudinal Profile, On-line Ultra-sonic Detection, Optimized Shearing, Automatic Flame Cutting and Non Oxidizing Heat Treatment, etc.

The Line consists of a serious of equipment such as Walking-beam Reheating Furnace, Plate Mills, Accelerated Cooling System, Cold and Hot Levelers, Cooling Bed, Ultra-sonic Detection system, Rolling-type Double Side Trimming Shear, Dividing Shear, Crop Shear, Non Oxidizing Heat Treatment Furnace and Roller Quenching Machine, to name just a few.

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