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In order to enter the ranks of the world's advanced steel joint enterprises at an early date and strive hard.
We are striving, with scientific development as the mainline, management innovation as foundation and circular development as the core, under the slogan proposed by the Corp: “On track in two years, taking off in five years and becoming the world’s leading company in management in ten years”, bearing the goal of “Making our company a professional manufacturer of state of the art wide and heavy plates(wire rods) of the world”, making every effort with pioneering spirit to surpass in the competition of the industry to enter into the ranking of leading iron and steel conglomerate in the world.
My company four burn desulfurization in early August to complete debugging, August 5, sulfur dioxide implementation standards.
Ma wu reported on May 16, 2016, catic Hu Guchun international shipping development co., LTD., deputy general manager, assistant general manager author a line to visit our company, our company XuYi assistant vice President, deputy director of the Meng Zhaoyue accompanied. Catic ship is headquartered in Shanghai, owns catic weihai shipyard and catic ding scale shipyard shipbuilding base, the main bulk carrier, container ship, multi-purpose ship, oil tanker, such as ship design and manufacture, cooperation since 2013 has been to maintain good re...
Gao Changyu reported on April 28, 2016, yingkou city federation of trade unions held a "yingkou May 1 labor award 2016 commendation congress".Our assistant deputy general manager Chen feng won the "yingkou May 1 labor medal", and participate in yingkou May 1 labor award commendation congress to receive an award. Chen feng, male, 37 years old, the Chinese communist party party member, graduated from Beijing university of science and technology, a job in 2004, successive sintering plant director, secretary of ironmaking manufacturing, productio...
Guo Jiawei reported on December 20, 2015, steel rolling two factory maintenance works for the safety of for one hundred days without accident, held the first debate "safe production", the debate over the "safety is more important or more important" thesis debate. Debating cliffhanger, highlights appear frequently, won the chorus cheers for everyone.They race out of style, race out of the friendship, also shows the profound theoretical knowledge and solid knowledge of safety skills. The debate not only enriched after-hour activities, but also ...
Publicizes great reports to the end of December 2015, the 2nd battalion, steel self-management activity results released and awards conference held on time.Company leaders peak, de-rong zhang, Chen BiJianWei, He Enshun, Wang Enfeng, Su Guoyang attended the conference, meeting shall be presided over by independent management committee executive secretaries Yang Ge, meeting ended in the realistic,...
Gao peng hu reported to enter since October, iron and steel industry into the real "winter" period, a steel price drop down again, although by continuous authors measures implementation, but still unable to make up the industry downturn, prices bring enterprise survival is at stake. In the face of difficulties, combined with the company's overall planning and a factory internal actual situation of steel rolling, rolling a felt longer than friends of his in the first place at all levels of director meeting "clarity of the situation, comprehensi...
Golden sun reported In recent years, influenced by the global economic slowdown,Iron and steelIndustry particularly vulnerable.As the world's largest steel producer in China, the excess capacity and a slowdown in demand, rising inventories, low-margin adverse situation made a large number of iron and steel enterprises operating in trouble.To reverse the state, ensure steel long-term competitiveness, put forward the guidelines in dish of authors work.Steel rolling factory two calls, broaden the train of thought, actively carry out various author...
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