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The 2nd battalion, steel results release conference and the independent management activities

Release Time:2016-01-18

Publicizes great reports to the end of December 2015, the 2nd battalion, steel self-management activity results released and awards conference held on time.Company leaders peak, de-rong zhang, Chen BiJianWei, He Enshun, Wang Enfeng, Su Guoyang attended the conference, meeting shall be presided over by independent management committee executive secretaries Yang Ge, meeting ended in the realistic, warm atmosphere.

The autonomous management activities involved in visitors to more than 3140 people, collecting bill 357, 357, form a circle circle number 265, the activities are completed activities turns 195, at the completion of the activity of the circle, the selection committee review recommended by tier 1 units and unit level outstanding activities, including 10 activity circle through the company independent management committee review, at the company level results released and assess the autonomous management activities.Covers self-management activities create profit efficiency and quality, and the authors, save save, work simplification, reasonable system, increase morale, and ensure the safety, prevent and control pollution, clean up and other help to production and operation of various issues, compared to the previous from breadth, depth, there is a big breakthrough, it also marks the camp steel self-management activities again on a new step.

To arouse the enthusiasm of the employees to participate in the activities of autonomous management, arouse the enthusiasm of employees, initiative and creativity, to circle to commend good activities.The self-management activities award Settings: gold prize, 1500 yuan/circle;Silver medal, $1000 / circle;Bronze, $800 / circle.Committee member from the active ring material organization, theme will pick, activity, using this method, and the effects on activity circle on the generalization and comprehensive assessment in strict accordance with the review process, ultimately selected gold award 2, 3 silver and bronze 5, respectively by W2, W3, W6, Y4, Y6, W1, W4, W5, gain.

Units to the event as an opportunity to analysis summary earnestly, completes the propaganda guidance, launch a full, make persistent efforts, around the authors efficiency, improve, the method to improve efficiency and quality improvement, process optimization, reduce consumption, improve the environment, etc., set the collective wisdom, to discover more and better the theme of the project, create more economic benefits, support plate in the achievement of goals.
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