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Catic ship to visit our company

Release Time:2016-05-31

Ma wu reported on May 16, 2016, catic Hu Guchun international shipping development co., LTD., deputy general manager, assistant general manager author a line to visit our company, our company XuYi assistant vice President, deputy director of the Meng Zhaoyue accompanied.

Catic ship is headquartered in Shanghai, owns catic weihai shipyard and catic ding scale shipyard shipbuilding base, the main bulk carrier, container ship, multi-purpose ship, oil tanker, such as ship design and manufacture, cooperation since 2013 has been to maintain good relations of cooperation with our company, is one of the important customer of our company.

The visit was Hu Guchun catic international shipping development co., LTD., vice general manager for the first time to visit my company, the company leaders visited the clemency board production workshop, the quality of our products, clean working environment, workers good mental outlook.The visiting the further cooperation between the two sides in the Marine and offshore industry consensus, in order to realize a good situation of "work together to create a win-win" laid a foundation.

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