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Chen feng help always awarded the

Release Time:2016-05-11

Gao Changyu reported on April 28, 2016, yingkou city federation of trade unions held a "yingkou May 1 labor award 2016 commendation congress".Our assistant deputy general manager Chen feng won the "yingkou May 1 labor medal", and participate in yingkou May 1 labor award commendation congress to receive an award.

Chen feng, male, 37 years old, the Chinese communist party party member, graduated from Beijing university of science and technology, a job in 2004, successive sintering plant director, secretary of ironmaking manufacturing, production planning department director and so on, the company's production department assistant vice general manager and production planning department director, responsible for the company's production, safety and environmental protection work in an all-round way.

In October 2015, in the steel market environment of the overall decline in endeavoring to promote the company's production system authors work efficiency, in October 2015 to March 2016, the company's production system from September 2015 authors efficiency up to 522 million yuan, greatly reduce the production costs and expenses, in a tough market environment for the enterprise survival and the development provides a powerful guarantee.

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