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"Overall, the whole process, complete system" in plate

Release Time:2015-12-23

Gao peng hu reported to enter since October, iron and steel industry into the real "winter" period, a steel price drop down again, although by continuous authors measures implementation, but still unable to make up the industry downturn, prices bring enterprise survival is at stake.

In the face of difficulties, combined with the company's overall planning and a factory internal actual situation of steel rolling, rolling a felt longer than friends of his in the first place at all levels of director meeting "clarity of the situation, comprehensive authors" symposium, make competent for the first time meet to the difficulty of the gravity of the situation and the future work.

Difficulties to find a way to, and firewood high flame.A factory of steel rolling by combining the national metallurgical industry situation, the first time to write the topic "recognize situation manages concertedly, authors efficiency strives for the survival of the reports, undertake on net of a factory of steel rolling OA announcement, make the factory fully aware of the grim situation of the industry, pointed out the direction of the need to act, to launch a full and effective contribution to the company.

First of all, from the material use of strict controls of material waste.Focusing on the condition of material factory warehouse for centralized control, to hunt down the workshop material parameter establishment and warehouse material storage conditions, to ensure that the material is real reasonable use.From a piece of paper and a pen, a pair of labor insurance gloves, carrying out the daily material consumption began each took a piece of paper to sign and indicates the purpose and use;Each led a pen to get used the pen to old change new;Labour protection glove in the normal distribute frequency at the same time, the implementation of on-demand to recipients, in under the condition of normal use to ensure that the less hair less hair.Before the cycle do need to use, also want to distribute in accordance with the principle of old for new.

Secondly, practically, from the perspective of the field production, process, equipment, full participation, to find a way to implement the authors discuss work.Give the rationalization suggestion to improve staff's enthusiasm, special reward system, according to the authors credits reward, to improve employee engagement.By November 30, it had received a total of 73 kinds of rationalization proposal, by the factory review the executable, a total of 60 years can realize authors of more than 3900 ten thousand yuan, 4100 yuan reward employees.

Through a full, rolling YiChang years dish completion from less than 40% in October, in November to 54% complete, full authors produced results.Next rolling a factory will launch a full, further in-depth field excavation project, authors plate target continuous efforts for years.

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