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Spare parts localization power plate in implementation

Release Time:2015-12-16

Golden sun reported In recent years, influenced by the global economic slowdown,Iron and steelIndustry particularly vulnerable.As the world's largest steel producer in China, the excess capacity and a slowdown in demand, rising inventories, low-margin adverse situation made a large number of iron and steel enterprises operating in trouble.To reverse the state, ensure steel long-term competitiveness, put forward the guidelines in dish of authors work.Steel rolling factory two calls, broaden the train of thought, actively carry out various authors, and achieved good results, two years in a row set authors topped 1.5 million yuan, overfulfilled year plan.

In the process of steel rolling factory in conducting plate of two authors, have the courage to try and push forward the spare parts localization, has made significant effect, with filter localization instead of the most representative.

Two factory of steel rolling finishing mill filter need to be good, pollutant carrying capacity in water ability of absolute intercepting particles or part of the particles into the easy to the damage of the oil film bearing in finishing mill, ordinary filter will be hard to replace.So since rolling two plant put into operation in May 2013, finishing mill are used as PALL filter.The filter for engineering the original filter, the United States imported brand, use effect is good, but there is also the purchasing cycle is long, the price higher adverse factors.

In response to energy authors confirmed in plate, steel rolling two factory domestic filter replacement, the effect also meet the requirements of production, the price of imported filter price one 5.At the current second factory filter consumption of steel rolling, annual can save costs 1.68 million yuan.Steel rolling factory actively seeking domestic famous filter manufacturers and contrast in the same unit, after several rounds of offline communication, synchronization with mid-november began to try four filter, and in strict accordance with the trial scheme to perform this trial work.Probation period of steel rolling two factory to closely monitoring of physical and chemical indicators of product, daily use portable microscope observation, on December 15, four filter is all trials, to replace the standard.The localization of trial reaches purchasing process and purchasing plan already, waiting for the procurement for the bidding work.Filter localization instead of success.

Camp in steel plate of the development of the authors, supervise and urge the GeChang broaden, the personnel, the realization of the maximum of the authors synergies, step-by-step steel based on unbeaten.
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