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The transformation of iron and steel development plan will be a prospect of iron and steel industry outlook

Release Time:2015-07-29

Recently, media reports of China's iron and steel industry restructuring plan has been finalized, is expected to be released in the near future. This year 2 Yuegong Ministry announced that will be formulated and promulgated the "iron and steel industry restructuring and development plan of action", to improve the iron and steel industry development situation. Now, the transformation and development plan will be introduced, will undoubtedly positive domestic The iron and steel industry .

In recent years, the domestic economic downturn, Real estate In addition to the steel industry market and the illegal construction, the demand of China's steel products pile up in excess of requirement, many steel enterprises will extend product sales to foreign markets, but many countries have launched anti-dumping investigations, a time of domestic steel products export is hindered, which further exacerbated the demand of China's steel market overcapacity predicament. Affected by this, the domestic steel prices difficult to profit.

Provide prospective industry research institute "2015-2020 year development prospects China steel industry strategic planning and investment analysis report" pointed out that in 2014 China's steel production capacity of 11 tons, up to 60% of the world's production capacity. Over the past year, the steel market consumption in China increased by only 1%, is expected in 2015 will further decline to 0.8%. Severe market environment, the steel industry needs a new development. For steel prices, the future reduction of excess capacity, and the electricity supplier of steel to promote sales, update equipment with intelligent environmental protection is the transformation of the new way of development.

The national policy on steel industry behind and standard is also very important. "Iron and steel industry restructuring and development action plan" issued, is expected to help cut prices of steel production capacity, reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency, is expected to make the steel industry turnaround". And this year, in the" The Belt and Road Initiative Under the policy, the steel market export environment will be changed. " The Belt and Road Initiative Along the country's manufacturing industry is relatively weak, backward infrastructure, a large number of steel demand, it will be positive for steel exports. In this regard, steel prices in different countries need to adjust to the demands of the corresponding products, increase exports, foreign trade will be very good prospects of future steel.

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