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China steel in "The Belt and Road"

Release Time:2015-08-17

Six month Twenty-nine Japan, "the Asian infrastructure investment bank agreement" signing ceremony held in Beijing. With the Asian investment bank to build into the "agreement" ratified and complete a new stage of operational readiness, the industry of " The Belt and Road Initiative " Will bring multiple positive opportunities is expected to increase, generally think that Asian investment bank is a complement to the existing international multilateral financial institutions, will increase " The Belt and Road Initiative "Along the country's investment, effectively promote the " The Belt and Road Initiative " The implementation of the strategy.

This year Three month Twenty-eight Day, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "push to build Silk Road Economic Belt and Twenty-one Vision and action "century Maritime Silk Road, pointed out that along the national policy communication facilities, Unicom, trade flow, capital circulation, the people connected to the focus of cooperation between countries, pointed out " The Belt and Road Initiative " The strategic direction of development.

In the China economic background into the new normal, the steel industry also faces to achieve transformation and development, improve the international competitiveness of foreign challenges. But at this time, " The Belt and Road Initiative " The launch strategy for future development of iron and steel industry especially " Go out " Provide a rare opportunity, but how to use the iron and steel industry " The Belt and Road Initiative " To promote international cooperation and production equipment manufacturing, new energy, to achieve the quality and efficiency of the economy and make greater contributions to the development of our country's upgrade, the industry is worth thinking and practice.

Data display, " The Belt and Road Initiative " ASEAN, South Asia, West Asia, radiation Central Asia, North Africa and Europe Fifty A number of countries, involving a population of about Forty-four Billion, accounted for the total global population 63% . At present, the region's economy about Twenty-one Trillion dollars, accounted for the global economy29% Show, the great development potential of the region. " The Belt and Road Initiative " Most of the countries along for the less developed countries, the infrastructure is relatively backward, the urbanization level is low, the infrastructure needs the most obvious. In these countries, Steel products Net importer for 70% Above。 If China investment "The Belt and Road Initiative " Infrastructure construction along the domestic iron and steel will be preferred.

According to estimates, Two thousand and fifteen year ~2019 Year, " The Belt and Road Initiative " The core infrastructure of national total investment of about Three point two six Trillion dollars. only Two thousand and fifteen Years, there will be Five thousand five hundred and eighty Billions of dollars of investment, will provide a huge space for steel demand.

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