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2015 the development situation of the steel industry in the second half of the year China judgment

Release Time:2015-09-06

( One ) The development of iron and steel industry has entered a new norm, will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

China's economic development has entered a new norm, The iron and steel industry The development has entered a new norm. For a long time the steel industry market competition has a number of expansion and price competition obvious characteristics, in a serious oversupply situation, the expansion of quantity and price competition has become the main means of competition of enterprises, this kind of development mode to steel Bring great damage to industrial development. In the simple expansion of quantity and price competition has been difficult to have room to maneuver, enterprises will move to a new stage to the quality type, differentiation competition oriented. Under the new normal, downstream steel structural adjustment, industrial restructuring and upgrading of steel materials put forward higher requirements to the user, the iron and steel industry as the center, recessive, committed to mining the potential demand for downstream users, to meet the new requirements of users increasing efforts to make full use of process equipment, technology, human resources, mining the downstream industry to improve the safety performance and reduce the maintenance cost of the new demand for steel is proposed, through the establishment of the "production inspection" strategic cooperation with users, to create new value for customers to develop new markets, the number of enterprises passive pull into active supply innovation driven development, realize the transformation from steel production to iron and steel manufacturing services.

(two ) The national economy maintained steady and rapid development, boost steel demand to maintain growth.

Get into Two thousand and fifteen By the year, the international economic recovery is not stable, the constraints of resources and environment is strengthened and the transfer mode, the realization of "improving quality, efficiency and upgrade development of structural adjustment of multiple factors such as the impact on the national economy, China's economic growth rate will drop slightly, but still maintain a rapid growth. According to the central spirit the general work guideline, Two thousand and fifteen China will continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, actively adapt to the new normal economic development, keeping the economy in a reasonable range. Even if the economic growth rate declined, but still rapid growth. The slow growth in external demand, domestic demand stable overall situation, investment still plays a key role in "steady growth". Two thousand and fourteen China's urbanization rate 51.8% And there is still much room for development, the western development, the revitalization of the northeast, the Yangtze River Economic Zone and Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development and the development of The Belt and Road "will bring new demand, boost steel demand to maintain growth.

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