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Chinese economy or in the next few months began to rebound

Release Time:2015-09-23

In August the official and Caixin manufacturing PMI fell below the line ups and downs, think of some of the media and institutions, manufacturing PMI fell mainly affected the parade, disastrous weather and other temporary factors, the trend is still in the expected data. At the same time, the official non manufacturing PMI remained at a relatively high level of 53.4, the new financial China services PMI was 51.3 in the expansion zone, service industry still maintained a steady growth, Chinese stable economic fundamentals have not changed for the better.

A China, August manufacturing PMI index showed a weak trend, analysts say, this weakness may be temporary, the main reason is the economic engine China did not operate at full speed. August production and business activity is expected index from 52.9 last month rose sharply to 54.1, the 2 consecutive month significantly improved; at the same time, in August the national electricity and railway freight loading are improved. In general, data showing the expected.

Two, that some positive factors continue to appear in the manufacturing operation. Is a high technology manufacturing industry continued to maintain steady growth; two is the consumer industry growth momentum is good; three is the small business positive changes.

Three, the new service official and financial industry PMI continued to remain high, showing strong growth momentum in services. "Shanghai Securities News", said that in August the official non manufacturing PMI remained at a relatively high level of 53.4, the new financial services PMI China in 51.3 and the expansion of the range, the proportion of GDP accounted for nearly half of the service industry is still active.

Four, some experts agency believes that with the steady growth policies gradually markedly, the second half of the economic fundamentals will gradually improve. With the steady growth policies continue to force the future economic growth will stabilize. Infrastructure investment force will spur economic growth to stabilize at the end of the three quarter and four quarter, the future will gradually to the good economic fundamentals China. A large number of infrastructure projects approved by the first half of the year started, the resulting investment stimulating effect will gradually appear.

In the current stage of economic Chinese may have bottomed out, or will start in the next few months rebound.

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