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Release Time:2016-01-07

In recent years, Chinese enterprises to "go out" to carry out foreign investment cooperation is showing rapid development momentum, Chinese manufacturing industry scale ranks first in the world. "13th Five-Year plan" plan, China will achieve a higher level of openness in the original open, fully accelerate the transformation and upgrading of core manufacturing industry from the "manufacturing" to "create Chinese China".

China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Song Xiaogang said that China's economic development has entered a new norm, to achieve by the goal, vigorously implement the "going out" strategy, make full use of "two markets" and "two resources" is the only way which must be passed.

"Going out" strong momentum

Song Xiaogang said that since the reform and opening up, China has undergone profound changes in the equipment manufacturing technology level, product production to create a number of first in the world: 2013 production of 120 million kilowatts of power generation equipment, accounting for about 60% of the global total shipbuilding capacity 45 million 340 thousand; Deadweight tonnage , accounting for 41% of global proportion; production of 22 million 117 thousand cars, accounting for 25% of global proportion; machine tool production 959 thousand units, accounting for 38% of global proportion. At the same time, the proportion of high-end machinery manufacturing industry is rising, manned spaceflight and lunar exploration, dragon manned submersible has made a major breakthrough, high iron, UHV, 4G communication has a high visibility in the world.China equipment has to go out of the comprehensive strength.

According to the Ministry of Commerce statistics show that by "going out", 2015 1 to October, China's domestic investors a total non-financial direct investment in 5553 overseas enterprises in 152 countries and regions of the world, to achieve a total foreign investment of 589 billion 200 million yuan ($95 billion 210 million), an increase of 16.3%. To maintain strong growth in manufacturing investment. 1 to October, my company to the manufacturing industry investment $9 billion 940 million, an increase of 82.8%, mainly distributed in the automobile, special equipment, medicine, computer / communication equipment, rubber and plastic products manufacturing.

"After decades of rapid development, China's manufacturing industry scale ranks first in the world, to establish a complete system of manufacturing, independent and complete, the formation of a number of internationally competitive industries and backbone enterprises, China has possessed the foundation of industrial power construction and conditions." WRSA party members, China Overseas Talent Development Foundation Chairman Ma Wenpu said.

Although the basis of China's industrial power has, but China is still in the process of industrialization, there is a large gap compared with the advanced countries.

Ma Wenpu believes that at present, China's manufacturing industry is big but not strong, independent innovation ability is weak, the key core technology and high-end equipment high dependence on foreign manufacturing industry, innovation system with enterprises as the main body is not perfect; the unreasonable industrial structure, high-end equipment manufacturing and production service industry lags behind; informatization level is not high, and industrialization depth is not enough; the industry is not high degree of internationalization, enterprise globalization management ability is insufficient. To promote the construction of manufacturing power, must strive to solve the above problems.

"The Belt and Road" strategic opportunities

In Ma Wenpu's view, promote the China equipment to the international market, optimize the trade structure, not only can promote domestic industrial restructuring and upgrading, it is of great significance to the construction of a new pattern of international mutual benefit and win-win.

This one, "the full implementation of The Belt and Road" strategy will greatly promote the rapid development of Chinese enterprises "going out" and deepening, also will promote the Chinese manufacturing industry from large to strong".

Data show that the "The Belt and Road" along the 26 countries and regions, the radiation range of about 4 billion 400 million population, accounting for about 63% of the world's total economy; total 21 trillion yuan, accounting for 29% of the global total. Asian investment bank authorized capital of $100 billion, $40 billion China Silk Road fund."The implementation of 2025 Chinese manufacturing strategy will make a solid industrial foundation support for the" The Belt and Road "strategy.

Song Xiaogang said, "go out", machinery manufacturing is the foundation of cooperation and revitalize the stock in capacity, synchronization promote industrial restructuring and upgrading quality and efficiency. One is to "major international infrastructure projects The Belt and Road surrounding infrastructure, interoperability, and advantages of equipment capacity to go out together, with" industry "project"". Two is the enterprise as the main body, the market as the guidance, to carry out international cooperation and equipment manufacturing capacity in accordance with international practice and business principles.

According to statistics, at present, China's "going out" most enterprises rely mainly on capital and labor advantage, really rely on the independent intellectual property rights and brand of "going out" accounted for less than 20%.

Song Xiaogang said, through building brand, brand cultivation China international influence, not only conducive to further expand the market, but also conducive to improving the added value of products, improve the international competitiveness of industry. To promote the Chinese standard first "go out", by promoting standard application, cultivate new markets, promote products, industry "going out". The Ministry is working on The Belt and Road "standard cooperation action plan, promote international cooperation to implement the standard.

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