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"The Belt and Road" and "2025" will China manufacturing of the steel industry to form good

Release Time:2015-09-23

" The Belt and Road Initiative "And" 2025 "are Chinese manufacturing of the steel industry to form good, there are the following three reasons.

The State Council, "" several opinions on accelerating the development of the new competitive advantages of foreign trade of China will enhance and The Belt and Road along the country's level of economic and trade cooperation, encourage a higher level of technology, nuclear power generation and transmission, rail transportation, engineering machinery, automobile manufacturing and other industries to countries along the investment, as the steel material is expected to comprehensive income.

Two, the State Council issued the "on the international production and equipment manufacturing cooperation guidance", clearly put forward to promote the cooperation of foreign steel production capacity, the nonferrous metals industry; combined with the structural adjustment of iron and steel industry in China, the export of complete sets of equipment investment, project contracting, acquisitions, etc., in good resource conditions and matching ability, great market potential the national key construction of iron and steel, steel and other iron and steel production base, driven by steel equipment export.

Three, "2025" in fifth Chinese manufacturing strategic task and the focus is the full implementation of the iron and steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals and other traditional industries of green manufacturing, with emphasis on the green upgrade, resource recycling, construction of three aspects of green manufacturing system, will not come to the adjustment of the steel industry to play a perfect role the needs of users and manufacturers, full symmetric information.

In addition, the iron and steel industry to actively layout "Internet plus", which is not only the reconstruction of the industry, more in line with the national strategic development direction.

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