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The steady growth measures in force September PMI rebounded slightly

Release Time:2015-10-22

In September the official PMI end of two consecutive months of decline in the situation, a series of steady growth measures finally appeared effect.

The National Bureau of statistics released data show that China September manufacturing PMI was 49.8%, up 0.1 percentage points higher than in August, ending two consecutive months of decline. Data show that the positive factors of China's macro economy operation to accelerate the aggregation, the fourth quarter of the economy will remain slow in stabilization, steady to good posture.

The State Council Development Research Center of macroeconomic researcher Zhang Liqun said, the September PMI index increased slightly, indicating the economic downward trend has slowed down. New orders, export orders index increased, reflecting the market demand situation has improved; the production index increased, indicating that industrial growth trend. The purchase price index, import index increased, but the inventory and finished goods inventory index continued to decline, reflecting market expectations began to adjust, to inventory activities may change.

"The September manufacturing PMI rebounded slightly, indicates that the effect of the steady growth policy is gradually released." Bank of Communications Chief economist Lian Ping said that in the current international economic environment, external demand slow improvement to the increase in export orders will promote production. The real estate market rebound may be driven by the upstream industry chain increased demand. A large number of steady growth projects will continue to release effect, fiscal stimulus effect will gradually appear, will lead to improved demand. Partial loose monetary policy steady, social financing interest rates decline, the market is awash in liquidity, help enterprise production recovery. The policy of steady growth in the four quarter driven manufacturing PMI regression line ups and downs.

From the specific indicators, production and market demand of the manufacturing industry both rebounded. Among them, the production index was 52.3%, 0.6 percentage points higher than in August. The new orders index was 50.2%, 0.5 percentage points higher than in August, which is the index experienced downward for 3 consecutive months after the first rebound. The new export orders index remained below 50%, but also an increase of 0.2 percentage points.

Chinese logistics information center expert Chen Zhongtao said, from the current point of view, the unstable factors of economic operation tends to weaken, with the steady growth policy measures continue to overweight, efforts to increase the positive factors to accelerate the aggregation, the cumulative effect is gradually released, the fourth quarter of the economy will remain slow in stabilization, steady for the better basic situation.

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