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Li Keqiang: Chinese 2025 light industry, iron and steel manufacturing support upgrade focus

Release Time:2015-11-24

In November 18th, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting to determine measures to improve public services, to facilitate the masses continued decentralization entrepreneurship; accelerating the deployment of technological upgrading, promote the industry towards the end; decided to unify the urban and rural compulsory education funds safeguard mechanism, promote the equalization of public services in Education field.

The meeting pointed out, improve public services, is an important part of the decentralization reform, which can facilitate the production of life, promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, stimulate creativity and social vitality of the market, this should be done to safeguard the people's interests. The meeting affirmed some departments and local governments to respond to social concerns, the launch of convenience initiatives, continuous efforts, strive for new achievements.

Is a comprehensive and open all regions and departments and related agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions of public services directory list, and dynamic adjustment.The service items specified in guidelines, procedures, time limit and demonstration text.

The two is to simplify procedures, to explore the integration of departments separate work window for window, change long acceptance as an acceptance".

Three is to accelerate the government at all levels, departments and state-owned enterprises and institutions involved in public service matters of the sharing of information exchange, check check. Relying on the "Internet plus", promote the service sector with each other, "the people running back and forth" as the "department cooperation office", from the source to avoid the "cycle of proof", to maximize the convenience of the masses.

At the same time, the meeting decided to push the construction of the government under the rule of law, based on the first clear 2001 to 2013 the State Council document, to inconsistent with the existing laws and regulations have been 489 pieces of paper or replacement, the new rule covers obsolete declared invalid.

According to the conference, accelerate the upgrading of enterprise technology, the "Chinese manufacturing" qiangjinjiangu, quality and efficiency, to form a new competitive advantage, improve supply And expand demand An important measure, is a pressing matter of the moment, is a long-term plan. The meeting identified 2025 key areas, Chinese manufacturing "focus", enterprises play the main role, according to maintain pressure principle, guided by the market, in order to improve the quality and efficiency as the goal, to start the implementation of a number of major projects to support technological upgrading, light industry, textile, steel, building materials and other traditional industries have a market for enterprises to improve the design and process and equipment, energy efficiency level, effectively reduce the cost Support, innovative enterprises and the growth of new industries. This:

To release industrial enterprises in technological upgrading guide directory, the preparation of the annual key technological upgrading project oriented planning, to guide social capital and other factors, stimulate enterprises docking market demand are upgrading.

Two to simplify the procedures, promote parallel processing, accelerate project landing, research and promotion to meet the conditions without the need for new construction land projects to implement record management commitment to technological upgrading.

Three to promote the implementation of fiscal support measures, innovation center finance Use of technological capital, improve capital efficiency, to encourage local governments to increase support for technological upgrading. Improve financial services, improve financing Guarantee, risk compensation and incentive mechanism, encourage banks to carry out the loan restructuring, increase the technological upgrading of credit, support enterprises to expand direct financing. Encourage the use of public record Crowdsourcing all help raise public financing Juzhi, breakthrough technological upgrading problem.

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